When local businesses work together


Some North Dundas locals may have already heard about a new creation being served up at the Iron Forge restaurant in Winchester. The “Krazy Dan’s Chicken Burger” is a collaboration between two area small businesses that features the local ingredients Iron Forge owner Shaw Knelson is known for using, with one special addition – the Krazy Dan’s pickles which give it its name.

“Krazy Dan” Shaver runs a convenience store in the tiny town of Lunenburg, southeast of Chesterville. He is also the owner of Krazy Dan’s Pickled Products, which manufactures an assortment of goods including Dan’s pickled wieners, which were featured on the CBC television show, Dragon’s Den, as well as the pickled cucumbers which are now being used in Iron Forge’s chicken burger.

“The burger is topped only with mayo and pickles,” said Shaw, when asked what exactly it consists of. “I have tried countless combinations of ways to top a chicken burger and yet I always come back to the simplicity of sweet mayo and crunchy pickles. The minimal toppings really bring out the flavours of our salt-brined burger. Lastly, an egg-washed, sesame bun holds it all together.”

Sometimes a partnership between two business owners can spring up seemingly in the blink of an eye. “I met Dan through a local farmer who makes his own pickles,” said Shaw. “He suggested that I meet Dan, as he mass produces his pickle products and could potentially supply enough pickles for use at our locations. The first time I met Dan we spoke about a collaboration. It seemed like a natural partnership, given that his pickles were the perfect complement to my new chicken burger.”

Dan agrees that his pickles are a great fit for the chicken burger. “I’m not a chicken burger type of guy, I find it’s too dry,” he said. “But with the pickle on it, that made it.” Dan is no stranger to working with other local businesses. He routinely supplies products for other businesses for special events and shows. He feels that working with other local businesses is great business practice.

Dan and Shaw would surely agree on what makes good business. “Working with local farmers and suppliers is an integral part of my business model,” said Shaw. “Without our community’s extensive network of farms and services, we could not carry on at Iron Forge like we do. Each and every item on our menu is made inhouse, and without access to local meat and produce, maintaining our standards and our ability to vary what is offered to our customers would be impossible.”

Any day is a great day to get out and experience the great local food North Dundas has to offer!


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