What’s Up, Winchester?

Photo: by Sean Ferguson

by Stephanie Seaver

Facebook page reaches over 6,000 members

During a time when social media has such a profound impact all our lives, the community of Winchester is happy to have the, “What’s Up, Winchester?” Facebook page as a go-to for up to date information about the town.

Page administrator, Carrie Paquin, started the page on August 30, 2017. Since then, the page has grown to have over 6,000 followers. Carrie says she started the group with a vision of helping the community. It’s clear by the daily posts that this is, in fact, the case.
As we are well aware, there can be challenges to dealing with social media pages. “Trials can arise any time there is a topic that we (the community) feel passionate about,” says Carrie.

“Strong feelings and strong opinions can result in strong words. These are the times that require extra moderation.” Carrie remains the only administrator, however she has back-up moderators to help out when needed.

The benefits of having a Facebook page for a small town are tenfold. Connections and communication seem to be the top two. If a community member needs something, the Facebook page is a great way to reach out. For many people, it is a quick connection to their friends, neighbours and very valuable local businesses, in a friendly and positive environment. Especially during this time when we are finding each other isolated and alone, social media can be a great way for us to all lean on each other virtually.

The page is the ideal spot for community members to ask questions, post local jobs, ask for recommendations and add some positivity to the group. When the COVID-19 pandemic started last year, group members began sharing their beautiful photography on the What’s Up, Winchester page. Members make daily posts displaying the pictures they have taken around the community.

In light of this, Carrie started a photo contest where members would submit their photos and the winner would be showcased as the group’s cover photo. The contest has been running every month and continues to do so, as it has been a great success. “It has been quite popular and I plan to keep it going,” says Carrie.


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