United Way SD&G Funds120 Snowsuits for Kids


Children in Dundas County stayed warm this winter thanks to our local United Way. The United Way of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, provided approximately 120 snowsuits to kids in need. A total of $4,000 was split evenly between the North Dundas Snowsuit Fund and the South Dundas Snowsuit Fund. An additional $1,000 went to Heat for the Holidays, which provides eco-energy hardwood logs to heat people’s homes.

The $5,000 grant came from the COVID-19 Emergency Community Support Fund, established by Employment & Social Development Canada. House of Lazarus applied for the funds, which were then distributed by the United Way.

“The snowsuit funds came up short because the pandemic made typical fundraising very difficult,” noted Cathy Ashby, HOL Executive Director. “We recognized that there would be a greater need for those programs and wanted to ensure the money was available to provide enough snowsuits for local families.”

Cathy says it’s important for the community to stick together through difficult times.
“The HOL was happy to secure this grant on behalf of the community and we know those dollars made a big difference in people’s lives.”


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