TRUE STORIES – an Evening of Live Storytelling and Live Music


by Amanda Burger

Mid-September, and Ontario is slowly opening up. Aware of how things are unrolling from the “powers that be”, one tries to envision what lies ahead. What will life look like in a month?

If everything goes as planned, what might one be doing on October 16, 2021?

Looking at the scheduled events coming up, there are more entertainment options now than there were last year, but still not as many opportunities as there were three years ago. Yet, an event like the upcoming TRUE STORIES evening, from A Bunch of People Arts and Events (ABOP) didn’t even exist three years ago.

On October 16, 2021 starting at 7 pm, an evening of people telling TRUE STORIES from their lives, accompanied by live music, will be held in Winchester. The brain child of Harmony Koiter, this evening will be directed by herself and Marie-Thérèse Robinson.
When asked what drew Harmony to this concept, she explained: “We have all been away from each other for so long. It used to be we would sit together as friends and, through the telling of our stories, we felt closer. Picture our community coming together after nineteen months of isolation.

Everybody gathers in the gorgeous sanctuary of the Winchester United Church. The crowd sits down with their family and friends to listen to their neighbours share stories that they’ve only told their closest friends. Now picture those stories being set to beautiful instrumentals. A guitar accents a pivotal moment in a journey.

A piano builds suspense. A ukulele drives anticipation. The authors takes you to a vulnerable place and you’re held in the space that was their life – glancing through an open window to their experience and internal sojourn. What an evening it will be!”.

Ten local authors have teamed up with five local musicians to deliver a captivating evening of storytelling and instrumental music. This evening of TRUE STORIES is filled with bravery, triumph, laughter, and twisted limbs. Come listen to strong, life changing, and sometimes stinky life events from people you just might know, while also giving to charity.

The TRUE STORIES evening tickets are $15 for adults, $10 dollars for youth between the ages of 13-18 years. A 10% discount is being offered to group reservations of 4 or more people.

“The more groups of people who can sit close together, the more people can attend. We have to respect all COVID related protections, including proof of double vaccination and photo ID to attend the event,” Marie-Thérèse Robinson said. “We also feel the content should be considered PG 13”.

The evening features (in no particular order): Sandra McNeill, Jed Looker, Daphne Evans, Patrick Burger, Jo-Anne Barton, Harmony Koiter, Marie-Thérèse Robinson, Paul Stockton, Gordon Owen, & Amanda Million.

With instrumentals performed by: Michael Trolly, Tony Glen, Rachelle Eves, Rick Ventrella, Steve Wilmink & Daniel Trolly.

All profits from this event will go to a local charity (House of Lazarus). ABOP’s motto is: What is better than having a good time? Knowing the profits from what you enjoyed are going to help the community. That is the Art of Giving. That is A Bunch of People Arts and Events!

TRUE STORIES: Saturday, October 16, 2021, 7:00-9:00 pm
Winchester United Church 519 St.; Lawrence St., Winchester Ont. K0C 2K0
$15 adults / $10 children 13-18. 10% discount on groups of 4 or more.
To book, call: 613 346-5064 or email:

A Bunch of People Arts and Events is a not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry. Working with experienced and amateur physical, musical and visual artists, we help organize artistic and/or entertaining events to help raise money for charity.



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