North Dundas High report


by: Savannah Coleman, Minister of Communications

North Dundas District High School has had some exciting events happen over the last couple of weeks! We have had Special Olympics, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, maple syrup boiling, and  the long overdue, Dundas Cup. Needless to say, it has been eventful!

Our special needs students participated in a ball hockey event for Special Olympics through Scotiabank. Jordan Heuff and Savannah Coleman helped out with leading these activities. Each day students had a different skill to practice, and on the last day, it was all put together to show off their ball hockey skills. Congratulations to Ian, Kaitlin, Emma, Sasha, and Preston for representing ND!  

Many sports were scheduled over the past few weeks including boys basketball, junior girls volleyball, and tryouts for badminton. The Senior boys travelled to St. Joe’s for a playoff game against Heritage, but with a few injuries and players missing, they unfortunately lost. Junior girls volleyball played against Charlan in the playoff championship game. They played 2 close sets, but unfortunately lost the battle. The girls had a wonderful season! Finally, badminton tryouts have officially started, and the team is being coached by Mrs. Williams.  

Mrs. Hall’s leadership class and AG SHSM students have started tapping trees to make maple syrup! There are 40 buckets around the school property that have been filling up. With starting late into the season, there wasn’t a lot of hope that it would be as successful as it has been! There has been over 100 gallons of sap collected and maple syrup has already filled multiple jars! Mr. Deighton and Mr. Daye have been boiling the sap down into maple syrup. Classes have been around to tour the sugar shack that was built by Mr. Bougie’s construction class in the last quadmester, and have also been taught about the process and some history of tapping trees. The leadership class has been busy giving tours this past week; it is an exciting journey to start here at North Dundas.  

Lastly, a very exciting hockey game happened on Thursday, March 31. North Dundas went against our rivalry, Seaway, to play for the Dundas Cup. Intermediates played first and won by a whopping 10 goals; the score was 11-1!! They had an amazing game.

Following this match, our senior team played. It was a very tight game, ending in ND winning in overtime; the score was 5-4! The Devils were crazy excited to finally get the Cup back after two years of not being able to have the Dundas Cup. It is an event that is loved by many, including the audience; everyone was excited to finally cheer on and participate in a big, local event. It was a great afternoon had by all!  

Congratulations to everybody; our special needs students, basketball players, volleyball players, and hockey players! Have a wonderful April!  


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