Thanks for Bidding!


By Jane Adams

You didn’t get to solve the murder mystery, but you did get to shop! And you sure did! Thank you to everyone who logged on and placed their bids at the WDMH Foundation – 1920’s Murder Mystery Auction in February. There was something for everyone and once the final bids were in, $4,517.50 was raised – surpassing our goal by more than 200%! 

The funds will be directed to the Foundation’s Family Care Fund – ‘to support families just like yours’. 

“Thank you to our wonderful community for joining us online, thank you to our ambitious volunteers, and thank you to everyone who donated an item,” says Justine Plummer, Manager of Direct Mail and Events. “We can’t wait to see everyone in person at the future 1920s Murder Mystery Night. We hope to be able to announce a new date soon.”


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