Seedy Saturday Virtual Seed Swap


Kemptvile Gardeners have gone virtual for their Third Annual Seedy Saturday Seed Swap! Gardeners who are missing their Seedy Saturdays this year due to Covid-19 can join Kemptville Gardeners Facebook Group to participate in a Virtual Seed Swap happening on February 27 and 28 at 10 am online.

Those wanting seeds may post a Wish List comment on the Seedy Saturday Swap post. You can ask for up to three types of seeds. If you have specific pick-up, drop-off, or mailing requirements, include them in your Wish List post. You can make one Wish List comment.

Your comment should include three types of seeds that you hope to receive. You can be as specific or as general as you like, such as asking for tomatoes, radishes, and corn, or asking for Black Krim tomatoes, Tiny Tim tomatoes, and Black Cherry tomatoes.

When answering someone’s Wish List, if you have the seeds requested, you reply to their Wish List comment that you have seeds to donate. You then become a Seed Donor. Your comment should clearly state that you are “Donating”, and include the specific seed type, any details such as number of seeds, origin, open pollinated, hybrid, or heirloom. If you are offered more than one donation in reply to your Wish List Request, you may accept any or all of them, but please share the seeds around! This is an opportunity for giving and sharing in a stressful time. Please contribute positively to the spirit of the event.

Seeds are given freely by Seed Donors, without the expectation of anything in return. After Sunday at 7 pm, Seed Donors may post any extra seeds still available for sharing. If this is super-popular, the Kemptville Gardeners will most likely continue the swap on the following weekend, March 6 and 7. That’s not guaranteed though, so be ready to participate on the February 27!


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