Santa, the Elves, & Reindeer declared essential!


On Thursday, December 17, Premier Ford declared Santa to be an essential service provider, and asked the Lieutenant Governor to issue a proclamation to that effect. Ford declared that as an essential service provider, Santa is “authorized to deliver toys, treats, and good cheer to the children of Ontario.” He reassured Ontario’s children that “Santa is still coming this year despite the COVID-19 Pandemic.” The Elves’ Toy Workshop has been granted the status of “essential manufacturing business” and as such has been “authorized to supply Santa Claus with toys and gifts.” The reindeer are considered “essential transportation service providers,” and as such are allowed free and unfettered access to all parts of Ontario. The Premier listed the reindeer by name, and did indeed include Rudolf! Finally, Ford thanked all of the essential workers, including nurses, grocery store clerks, construction workers, as well as Santa, the Elves, and the Reindeer.

We assume that this designation will remain in place, irregardless of any increased or continued restrictions that the Premier is expected to discuss on Monday, December 21.


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