Running for a Cause


By day, Registered Nurse Sean Burnett is a Team Leader at WDMH. By night and on weekends, he’s a runner with a cause – throughout the month of May. Sean is participating in the Ottawa Race Weekend virtual event, raising funds for the WDMH and awareness about the impact of cancer.

He has signed up to do the Lumberjack+ event, which includes running the 2K, 5K, 10K and 50K events. On his sponsor page, Sean notes: “In the last 8 months, with all the hardships we have all endured with the pandemic, I have had to say goodbye to my mother, a colleague and then watch my sister endure her own battle. Thankfully, she’s still fighting the fight! It’s been a lot to deal with, to say the least.”

Sean goes on to explain what he hopes to accomplish: “I realize running a few kilometres and raising a few bucks is not going to cure cancer. Maybe, though, it will buy a comfortable chair for someone to sit in while they receive their chemotherapy, maybe it will go towards a new x-ray machine that will help make faster, more reliable diagnoses, or maybe it will go towards providing education for nurses in palliative care so that they may provide comfort when it is needed most.”

“Sean already gives so much to WDMH and our patients every day. We are so grateful that he is also raising funds to support the wonderful care provided here,” notes Cindy Ault Peters, Manager of Direct Mail and Events at the WDMH Foundation. “Sean has completed several half and full marathons, but never completed any “ultra” distances such as the 50K. We know he’s up for it!”

For more details or to sponsor Sean, please visit RUN SEAN RUN – For Winchester Hospital – CanadaHelps. And if you see Sean running around his hometown of Embrun, be sure to cheer him on! Thanks so much Sean!


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