North Dundas is back in school for the new quadmester

North Dundas High School News

Jamie Wilson

by Jamie Wilson

Students at North Dundas started new classes last week as we welcomed the beginning of the third quadmester. In person classes have also resumed, and we are happy to see everyone for the first time since December. As this is the first time we are returning to the school in the new year, it is important to remember our simple rules that help keep everyone safe. All students are required to complete the daily COVID-19 screening prior to coming to school; masks must be worn in the school and on school transportation; and, hand sanitizing needs to be done each time students enter the school. The only change to our routine is that the cafeteria food service is no longer available.

To welcome the new quadmester in a fun way, we are having Funky Sock Day. Everyone is encouraged to put on their best pair of socks this Friday, February 5. They can be colourful, tie-dyed, have a cool pattern, or be covered in your favourite animal! We hope this fun spirit day will lead us into our new classes with some great school spirit and cozy feet; we cannot wait to see your socks North Dundas!

Wednesday, January 27, was Family Literacy Day across Canada. This is a national initiative to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. Though the day has passed, this message will always hold true. Hopefully, you can take some time to read an inspiring story, or share funny family stories with loved ones. Taking some time to listen, laugh and share some family time is not only a wonderful way to appreciate the importance of literacy, but it is also uplifting and has the power to affect our mental well-being in a positive way.


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