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First Virtual Spirit Day

by Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson

Last Friday, April 30, we had our first virtual spirit day of the year. We chose pyjama day as the theme, as we figured that would not be too difficult with everyone likely already in their pyjamas while studying at home. Students and teachers sent in photos to the Student Council of themselves in their favourite pyjamas to participate. We hope to see more participation in virtual spirit days as we continue with online learning. There are plans for some online challenges as well!

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We want to thank the teachers at North Dundas for everything they do. This year has undoubtedly been difficult for students, but many may overlook the difficulties teachers have faced. They have had to adapt to many changes this year, including the entirely new quadmester system. They have had to learn how to effectively teach online and deal with technical difficulties and interruptions at home during online classes. Not to mention switching back and forth between in-person and online learning throughout the year. We thank them all so much for doing their best to continue to provide the students with the support they need and making this year the best that it could be!


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