North Dundas High report


The New Year has officially begun 

by Savannah Coleman, Minister of Communications 

And just like that, the holidays are over, and the year of 2022 has begun. Hopefully, 2022 is a year of peace and a little more “normal” than what the past couple years have brought to us.  

Going back to the last week of school before Christmas break, there are a few huge thank you’s that need to be said! First off, from Student Council, a thank you goes out to everybody who participated in the spirit week and gingerbread contest that took place in our last week. It made students and staff go off for Christmas break in the holiday spirit for a much-needed rest. Another giant thank you goes to everybody who donated to our Angel Trees and the health and hygiene box – it is very much appreciated, and both places were filled with donations. Our community is very thankful for all the donations made by our school and other community groups– it always feels so good to give back to our community. 

Online learning started on Wednesday, January 5, at North Dundas. Students were emailed on Tuesday by both of their teachers, and were given an update on what is going on. Students had the choice of doing synchronous online learning, or asynchronous online learning. Synchronous being: going to a Teams meeting every day, and learning through your teacher on a device. Asynchronous being: checking in through email, and getting work pages and lessons from a file that is given to students day by day. We are through the first week, and hope to see everybody back in school in the next couple of weeks!

I hope 2022 is off to a good start on your end!  


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