North Dundas Fire Service Awards

L-R: Al Armstrong, Deputy Mayor; Ray Sherrer, Fire Chief, Mountain Station; Parker Havekes, Havekes Land Improvement, Don Levere, Deputy Fire Chief Mountain Station; Dean Keyes, Landowner.

The Annual Award Ceremony for Fire Service Awards could not be held this year because of Covid-19, so Deputy Mayor and Fire Commissioner Allan Armstrong visited fire halls in Chesterville, Morewood and Winchester during their regular December training meetings, to hand out the awards recognising service milestones.

Dan Villeneuve, Eric Wilson, and Ryan McRostie have each served for five years. Matt MacGregor, Jeffrey Sharpley, Rich Yount, and Ryan Hay have served for ten years. Kreg Raistrick has served for fifteen years. Jim Henderson has served for twenty-five years, and will receive a 25-year Service Medal from the Ontario Fire Marshal.

North Dundas Fire Service is a Volunteer Fire Service. There are four stations, Winchester, Chesterville, Morewood, South Mountain, and a sub-station at Hallville. Each station has between 19 and 23 fire fighters. They meet at least twice a month to train and practice.
Remember, volunteer fire fighters sport green lights in their own vehicles when answering a call. Pull over and yield right of way to them. Somehow, there’s always someone who doesn’t know about the green lights of volunteer fire fighters. Each fall, townships and fire departments have a green light awareness campaign, and the use of flashing green lights in or on vehicles is restricted to fire services.



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