North Dundas Display of Lights


North Dundas’ Annual Parade of Lights got a pandemic makeover, and became the Display of Lights! Rather than the floats passing the spectators gathered along the route, the parade sat still and the people drove by. Rideau Auctions hosted the Display. Police directed traffic on the highway, and volunteers directed the cars through the floats. It moved smoothly. Candy canes and cheese strings were handed out to the kids. Cheese at a Christmas parade only makes sense in a town where the light poles on Main Street are black and white dairy cow patterned, and there’s an annual Dairyfest. There were plenty of Christmas lights on everything! Our MP and former mayor Eric Duncan was part of the parade, waving and smiling. Firefighters were gathered ’round a fire. Santa waved from atop a fire truck, while keeping the rain off with a big, festive umbrella. With so much having been canceled due to the pandemic, it was amazing to see so many people dedicated to making sure the Parade happened.



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