North Dundas Community Improvement Plan grants available


The Community Improvement Plan is a community initiative that intends to improve North Dundas’ existing commercial industry.

It offers business and commercial owners or renters within specific Community Improvement Areas an opportunity to access grants and loans to improve commercial buildings. Being able to fund any improvements to existing businesses is difficult.

The Community Improvement Plan allows for grants or loans to improve or upgrade an exterior, interior, or signage. It can also provide funds to fully restore historical features on a building.

Applications are available through the North Dundas Township Office. Applications are reviewed by a Review Committee appointed by Council, who is responsible for reviewing the applications and awarding grants. Loans are subject to approval by Council.

The Community Improvement Plan sets out the eligibility criteria for each program, as well as guidelines and considerations for contemplating an improvement project.

North Dundas is growing at a rapid rate. The goals of the Community Improvement Plan include: maintaining the well-being of downtowns and main streets in rural and urban settlement areas; providing a safe, vibrant, pedestrian-friendly environment; providing an attractive and inviting environment; enhancing and reinforcing linkages to the Chesterville Waterfront; providing cleaner, healthier, safer environment; increasing employment, economic activity, and investment; providing a balanced opportunity for growth and settlement; ensuring that community improvement projects are carried out within the built-up areas of the Township (such as Winchester, Chesterville, South Mountain, or Morewood); ensuring that existing buildings are maintained; encouraging the private sector to invest and help strengthen the economic base; enhancing the visual appearance of Community Improvement Project Areas; revitalizing the Urban Settlement Areas, which are the Villages of Winchester and Chesterville, as commercial hubs and vibrant shopping destinations; encouraging continued commercial vitality and economic viability throughout the seasons; integrating the conservation of heritage resources within development and infrastructure decisions which may affect these resources; creating an attractive image of North Dundas that reflects the historic character and heritage of the community; and to protect and enhance the heritage character of the Village centres.

Applicants are encouraged to consult with the Township prior to submitting an application.


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