New funding will support critical care education and equipment


The WDMH Foundation has received $95,193 in grant funding from the CMA Foundation’s COVID-19 Community Hospital Fund. The funds will be used to purchase new equipment and to support focused training and education for critical care nurses.

The CMA Foundation is the charitable arm of the Canadian Medical Association and provides impactful charitable giving that furthers excellence in health care. This funding is part of the CMA Foundation’s COVID-19 relief initiative to support those on the frontline of this pandemic.

“We are so excited and grateful to the CMA Foundation for this support,” notes Nathalie Boudreau, Winchester District Memorial Hospital’s Vice President, Clinical Services & Chief Nursing Executive. “Training our critical care nurses and having the right equipment in place is essential to ensure the very best care – now and in the future.”

Ten Registered Nurses will receive intensive critical care training and job shadowing opportunities, resulting in more than 100 hours of education time for each nurse. The goal is to ensure sufficient staff expertise for WDMH’s Enhanced Care Unit and to further prepare WDMH for potential COVID-19 patients.

The funding will also be used to purchase two pieces of equipment – a BIPAP machined and a bladder scanner. The BIPAP machine helps to push air into a patient’s lungs, without having to insert a tube. It can also be modified into a ventilator. The bladder scanner is a portable, hand-held ultrasound device. This new machine will be kept in the Emergency Department where it is used frequently.

“I am inspired every day by the dedication of physicians, health care providers and all hospital workers as they continue to confront the COVID-19 pandemic head-on,” says Allison Seymour, CMA Foundation President. “We know these are extraordinary times that require extraordinary support. From managing evolving health care needs to address changes in your community, to ensuring the proper equipment and training for your staff, our hope is that these funds will have a positive impact as you continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic.”

The CMA Foundation announced the COVID-19 Community Hospital Fund as part of its commitment to provide COVID-19 relief. The $5 million fund supports hospitals across Canada with fewer than 100 beds to meet their evolving needs with activities, equipment and training that enhance staff wellness, improve access to care and help prepare for future pandemics.

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