Mountain Township District Lions Club in Pandemic Times


The pandemic continues to challenge service clubs. The Mountain Township District Lions Club is no different. They cannot hold regular meetings because of Covid-19 restrictions, nor can they hold fundraisers while the current lockdown and stay-at-home order is happening.

They are, however, still renting their signs in the community, bringing in some funds to the Club. They have 11 signs that they rent out for $30 a week; a very reasonable cost for effective advertising, that helps make a positive difference in the community. You can see their signs within the area formerly called Mountain Township.

They have recently made donations to The Ophthalmology Fund of the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation, the Community Food Share, and the Easter Seals of Ontario. They thank the community for their ongoing support, and remind everyone to stay healthy, stay safe, and keep getting your mental and physical exercise.


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