Marie-Claude Bibeau continues as Canada’s agriculture minister


In the recent reshuffle of the federal government Cabinet, Marie-Claude Bibeau retained her position as Agriculture Minister.

The Member of Parliament for Compton—Stanstead (Québec) tweeted: “It is with gratitude to @JustinTrudeau, and great ambition for the sector, that I continue in my role as Min of Ag, supported by my strong team!

Challenges are great and opportunities are immense. We want our ag to be environmentally, economically and humanely sustainable.”

The agriculture sector has shared a problem with the rest of Canada’s economy: a shortage of labour. The Minister named labour shortage as a priority for her as she resumes her portfolio.

“This is, I would say one of the most important issues. I hear that everywhere across the country and actually, it’s not limited to agriculture and agri-food but it is extremely important in our sector. Temporary foreign workers is one part of the answer and I will keep working with Minister Qualtrough who is still in the same portfolio.

We will be able to continue working on the reform for the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.”


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