Lots of Fun for May


by Savannah Coleman, Minister of Communications

As the spring weather arrives, North Dundas has many activities and days full of fun coming up – Spring Carnival, Student vs Staff Volleyball, and spirit days!

Our talent show was a major success full of amazing talent that our very own ND students showed off ! At the end of the show, there were prizes given out to thank students for getting over 540 donations to donate to the food bank! Some prizes included M&M Milkshakes, homemade maple syrup, and homemade jewelry.

North Dundas raised over $1,000 for the Green Iglu fundraiser that was put on by our Student Representatives, Sebastian Lafrance and Brooklin Begg, well above their goal of $217! There was a coin drive and “Guess How Many Gummies are in the Jar” at the pancake breakfast and talent show to raise money for this Canadian charity that is designed to fight the issue of food sovereignty in remote and Indigenous communities in Canada. Well done ND!

The secondary track and field team had a great day on Wednesday, May 4th, as they competed at the SD&G championship at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility! Top 4 finishers in each event will attend EOSSAA in 2 weeks. Our team has 12 athletes who qualified in 24 events! Nephi Da Silva Moreira finished 1st in the 100m, hurdles and long jump; Lamoni Kamabasaya finished 1st in hurdles and long jump and broke the SDG record in long jump; Tala Brant Barry finished 1st in the discus; Julia Cooper finished 1st in the discus; Brandon Daye finished 1st in the triple jump; Ben Dean finished 1st in the javelin; Jack Link finished 1st in the 3000m; Sophia McRostie finished first in hurdles; Cassidy Porteous finished first in the hurdles. Other qualifiers are Owen Bond, Jess Groves, and Reese Snelson. What a way to represent our school!

All teachers at North Dundas showed their classes three one-minute videos to show that the r-word is not okay to use. Your words matter, so use them well! Sure, to you the r-word may just be a word. We get it, but we’re here to ask you to stand with the 1 in every 100 Canadians living with an intellectual disability. Regardless of how you use it, using the r-word is NOT okay. Make the choice to stop saying it and inspire others to do the same.

ND’s Spring Carnival will be held on May 18th for all grades 7-12. There will be different stations of various activities to compete against friends!

ND’s high school Student vs Staff Volleyball game will be held on May 20th, and will be a $2 buyout, with the funds going to health and wellness initiatives.

Lots of fun opportunities to do here at North Dundas! 



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