Lion Line


by Bob Porteous

Who becomes a Lion?

Ever wonder what type of an individual becomes a Lion? When you ask some of the members why they became a Lion, you will find many different answers. For example, some say they have concern for their fellow man and would like to help those less fortunate than themselves. Some say they have a real interest in their community, and they want to try and improve things in their community for their family and friends. Some say they enjoy the feeling of contributing and giving something back. Some say they want to learn how to handle responsibility by planning and assuming a leading role in a project. Some say they have been the beneficiary of a service club in the past, and they realise how valuable and necessary it is to have a source of support in the community. Some say they particularly enjoy fun times, fellowship, and working together with others and making new friends. Some say they get a real feeling of satisfaction when they can participate in, and see the results, of their efforts while making a difference in someone else’s life. No matter the reason; we are glad that they are Lions and doing what they’re doing!

Some notes from the November 4 meeting:

The meeting was short, consisting of mostly updates on items approved or in progress. For example, donations received in October were delivered and greatly appreciated by the families receiving them.

Items discussed in our meeting with the North Dundas Council were outlined so all members would be up to date with what’s going on. We are now all more aware of what is required to get out Thrift Store open at the planned location.

Lion Shawm told us about the fund-raising efforts and the other plans being put in place for the annual North Dundas Christmas Fund Project. Local Business, B.M.R., has volunteered to be a drop-off point for clothing , toys, etc., for the Christmas Fund. So, things are coming together.

We also approved a donation of $150.00 to the Lions A4 District Hunger Project.


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