Like old times at the South Mountain Fair


The 130th South Mountain Fair went off without a hitch last weekend, giving locals and tourists a taste of “normal” family fun after more than two years of pandemic life. In fact, this year’s event was the first full scale event held in three years, with a cancelled fair in 2020, and a smaller event in 2021.

The smell of fried food and tasty treats filled the air at the Fair, as did the sound of carnival games, excited children, and even excited parents. The Fair was a hub for socialization, with people of all ages gathering to chat, eat, and have fun. The animal barns were in full operation, as were vendors posted near the entrance. Perhaps most exciting, particularly for the children and teens, was the full midway lineup. Fair goers had many rides to choose from, and the price for admission to the fair included unlimited rides for all.

The weather cooperated throughout the weekend in terms of rain and storms holding off, but the heat was difficult for many, particularly on Saturday. The first aid team was handing out free water throughout the event to help prevent heat exhaustion, but an ambulance had to be called on at least one occasion. Tents and other shady areas became popular for cooling down.

As the sun began to go down on Saturday, leaving temperatures tolerable, the party atmosphere came alive. Hundreds of fair goers lined up for the rides, more than willing to wait for a chance to experience a thrill. Snippets of conversations could be heard throughout the night, often beginning with excitement as old friends reconnected after months or even years of not seeing each other. The familiar thump of live music could be felt all over town as the evening went on.

There is no doubt that a classic South Mountain Fair was needed and earned after a long period of pandemic life. Until next year, South Mountain!


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