Knitting is my Happy Place

Activity Assistant Jana Barkley with resident Alice Roach

by Jane Adams

Alice Roach has always been a knitter. Her hands just naturally know what to do when the needles and yarn are within her reach. And now she has a special place in her room at Dundas Manor to keep her supplies close at hand.

For Activity Assistant Jana Barkley, it’s all part of her job. She supports residents to engage in activities that they want to do – providing personalized support for each one. “I knew Alice was a knitter, but I noticed she hadn’t been knitting for a little while. So I helped her get going on a new project and ensured her supplies were always within reach.”

“If it wasn’t for Jana, all I would do is sleep,” jokes Alice. She is thankful for this special friendship.

Jana visits Alice regularly, to see how her knitting is going. She encourages Alice, and celebrates her progress. Sometimes, partially completed projects are passed on to Hennie Joldersma, another Dundas Manor team member, who enjoys finishing them.

Alice lives in a small space in a room shared by four residents. But she has made her nook cozy and warm with plants, stuffed animals, and her knitting.

The special relationship between Alice and Jana is just part of the magic that happens at Dundas Manor every day.



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