It’s Spring-Cleaning Time!


Support the WDMH Foundation and clean out your closets at the same time!

submitted by Jane Adams

Spring is finally here (most days!) and we want to invite our local communities to think about the WDMH Foundation when doing your spring cleaning. A local app – called GiveShop – offers a new way to get rid of things piling up in your closets and garages. At the same time, you benefit local health care and get a tax receipt. 

Between May 1st and June 21st, we invite everyone to join the spring-cleaning campaign and check out GiveShop at Then get buying and selling! 

GiveShop is a local online platform where sellers can post their goods and buyers can make an offer on the items. “It’s a lot like Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace,” explains Justine Plummer, Manager of Direct Mail & Events. “The big difference is that when an item is purchased, the proceeds go directly to the WDMH Foundation. The seller then receives an income tax receipt for the amount that the item was sold for.” 

Don’t have a GiveShop account yet? Creating one is free and easy! 

Watch as the marketplace grows with new items for sale. GiveShop encourages all users to practice social distancing and proper infection control precautions when meeting up to exchange purchased items. 

Thanks for your support and happy shopping! 


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