IPM Barn Quilt Competition


The 2022 International Plowing Match Quilt Committee is promoting a number of quilt competition categories including one for Barn Quilts. Although the name implies a whole quilt, usually a Barn Quilt is a large piece of wood painted with solid colours in a design of simple geometric shapes such as squares, triangles and rectangles to represent a quilt block. For this competition entries are requested to be constructed on wooden or graphic sign boards approximately 24″x24″.

The winner of this competition will be determined by Viewer’s Choice Vote. All submissions will be on display during the Home on the Farm Quilt Show & Tea Room, August 19 and 20 at the WB George Centre in Kemptville. They will also be displayed in the Quilt Tent at the North Grenville IPM and Rural Expo on the Kemptville Campus September 20-24. The cost to enter is $10 which should be included with the Quilt Competition Entry Form. The entry form and further information can be found at www.plowingmatch.org/ipm2022.

Modern day Barn Quilts got their start in 2001 when Donna Sue Grover of Ohio decided to combine her love of quilting and old barns to make a barn quilt to brighten up the barn on her farm. Barn Quilts can now be found all across Canada and the United States and aren’t limited to barns, they can be found on public buildings, private homes, gates and fences. In some areas communities have come together to create Barn Quilt Trails.

In 2009 the Earlton IPM Committee arranged a Barn Quilt Trail project which ended up with 200 Barn Quilts installed on barns and historical landmarks throughout the area. In 2017 Huron County hosted the IPM and as part of that event held a Barn Quilt Competition which resulted in the Huron County Barn Quilt Trail.

For more information on Barn Quilts, check out the internet. There are also many YouTube videos on how to make a Barn Quilt. The Kemptville Quilters Guild is hosting a Barn Quilt Introduction via Zoom on February 21st. Anyone interested in joining this presentation can be included by emailing quiltsipm2022@gmail.com.

For more information on the quilt show and competition contact the IPM 2022 Quilt Team at quiltsipm2022@gmail.com For general match enquiries contact ipm2022ng@gmail.com The 2022 IPM website is www.plowingmatch.org/ipm2022 and over the course of the coming weeks and months information will be posted as it becomes available.


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