If you are a person who has a sincere interest in doing something for your community, your country, or for humanity in general, you may be wondering how you can become a member of a Lions Club.

All you have to do is express that interest to a Lions member. It probably would be a good idea to mention why you would like to become a Lion.

Membership in a Lions Club is by “invitation” only. This means that a current member may present your name for membership to the club. Once approved by the club’s board of directors, you will be invited to come out to two or three meetings to actually see what all is involved. During these meetings, you should become informed of what is expected of you if you choose to join the club. Only after you have the opportunity to understand what the club does and what will be expected of you, will you be invited to join. Should you decide to join, you can then expect to be immediately involved in all club projects and activities. Then you will be referred to as a “Lion”.

In recent years, service clubs, charitable organizations and other volunteer groups have experienced considerable difficulty in attracting and retaining members. Whether this has something to do with the high pace of living (no time); the advent of the internet; and/or on-line fund-raising options, or whether people have become more self-centred and less caring is a subject of considerable debate.

All I can say is that I have been a Lion for more than fifty years, and I am proud of the benefits we Lions have brought to Winchester and area by our efforts over the years. I am also proud of the community that has encouraged and supported us since 1968.


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