Holy Cross School students have heart!

Holy Cross School staff and students with a cheque for $1,857.70 for the WDMH Foundation

Submitted by Jane Adams, Communications Lead WDMH Foundation 

The students at Holy Cross Catholic School in Kemptville have heart – lots of it. And they wanted to give back to Winchester District Memorial Hospital. So, they started dancing! 

The Holy Cross team notes: “We have a special staff member who received excellent care at Winchester District Memorial Hospital. We also have many families who have had wonderful recovery experiences.” 

During the week that the teacher finished her treatment, the students got to work holding a Pink Heart Fundraiser. Students pulled out their best pink outfits and danced their hearts out to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to raise money for the WDMH Foundation Cancer Care Fund. 

The school Facebook page summed up their success: “It was a day full of smiles, hope and celebration for the recovery of so many individuals who have passed through the doors of the WDMH clinic, including one of our own. We were able to raise just shy of $1,900 to donate thanks to all of our families, and generously helped by a donation from a community family. Thank you, Holy Cross!” 

“It looked like such a fun day and who doesn’t love to dance!” says Justine Plummer, Manager of Direct Mail & Events at the WDMH Foundation. “Thank you to everyone who supported the WDMH’s Chemotherapy program through this event.” 


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