Happy New Year! Are you ready to Catch the Ace?


Let’s start 2022 off with some amazing news! The Kin Club of Russell has announced that Catch the Ace is back and the WDMH Foundation is once again one of the beneficiaries of the lottery. We are so grateful! 

“The last Catch the Ace lottery raised more than $300,000 for new equipment for the WDMH Diagnostic Imaging department,” notes Kristen Casselman, WDMH Foundation Managing Director. “Thank you to the Kin Club of Russell, and everyone who will be joining in the Catch the Ace fun in 2022!” 

Tickets are $10 each, and are now on sale for the first draw on Sunday, January 23 at 3:15 pm. Purchase your tickets online at https://kinclubofrussell.ca/catch-the-ace-tickets. Please select the WDMH Foundation as your charity of choice. Paper tickets are also available at these local retail locations: Winchester Foodland, The Finch Market, Laughlin’s Country Store in Hallville, and The Brinston General Store. 

For those new to Catch the Ace, here’s how it works. It is a progressive lottery that starts with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Each card is sealed in an envelope and numbered 1 to 52. Each week tickets are sold, and the buyer chooses an envelope number. At the weekly draw, the winner gets the weekly jackpot. Then, the envelope number that was written down on the winning weekly ticket is opened to reveal the card inside. If it’s the ace of spades, that person wins the overall jackpot and the game is over. If it is not the ace of spades, the game continues. Tickets are sold for another week, buyers choose one of the remaining envelope numbers, and it continues until the ace of spades is found. As the game progresses, the jackpot grows faster and the odds of winning increase as the available envelopes are reduced. 

Don’t forget to watch the draw live each Sunday at 3:15 pm on Facebook. Go to the Kin Club of Russell’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Kin-Club-of-Russell-388050434576352), like the page, and you will be notified when they go live at 3:15 pm. 

For full details, ongoing updates, and rules of play, visit www.kinclubofrussell.ca.

Best of luck everyone! 


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