Gnomes for Rick


Jennifer Cauvier’s Dad believed in giving back to the community. He sponsored and donated to many organizations, sports teams, and the South Mountain fair. Rick Cauvier owned Rick’s Gas Bar in South Mountain and passed away in June of 2020. Now Jennifer is keeping his memory alive with Gnomes for Rick.

“Before my father passed away, he had wanted to do a fundraiser for Winchester District Memorial Hospital,” Jennifer explains. “I came up with Gnomes for Rick to ensure he is not forgotten.”

Everyone can check out the gnomes on Jennifer’s Facebook page at There are many different sizes and shapes to choose from, and more are being added each week. Proceeds will be directed to the Foundation’s General Equipment Fund.

“The gnomes are wonderful, and will be sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face,” notes Justine Plummer, Manager of Direct Mail & Events at the Foundation. “Thank you to Jennifer for this creative and meaningful fundraiser. It is such a wonderful way to honour her Dad and his legacy.”


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