Equestrian Vaulting show series takes place in Chesterville

Ila Byvelds, with her superhero freestyle, placing 2nd and 1st place in her divisions. Photo by Samantha Mirzaee Photography

submitted by Nation Valley Ranch

North Dundas welcomed 52 vaulters from across Ontario this past weekend as part of a provincial vaulting show series.

Vaulting is an equestrian sport combined with gymnastics and dance. It is an FEI nationally recognized sport, and part of the World Equestrian Games.

Unlike trick riding, where the focus is who can out stunt who the fastest, vaulting competitions include a judging panel where vaulters are judged on harmony with the horse, artistic interpretation, strength, choreographed freestyles, gymnastic-like moves and balance. 

It takes extreme dedication, training, and confidence. The horses are like no others, and coaches and clubs work together across the province, and country!

This is truly a spectacular sport and supportive community.

On June 18, Ontario celebrated by hosting their first provincial Vaulting Competition live since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Saturday’s show was held at Nation Valley Ranch in Chesterville, home to Nation Valley Vaulters. There are 3 clubs in Ontario that are recognized by Vault Canada, from Listowel, Peterborough and Chesterville. 

Nation Valley Vaulters can be seen performing at the RCMP Sunset ceremonies July 1 – 3 alongside the Musical Ride and The Capital Cowgirls Drill team! 

Coach Jen Byvelds is even more excited to be taking five vaulters to the Nationals in Alberta at the end of the summer! 


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