County Council forest donation process begins

The forest property is located near Martintown

The County has initiated a process that will solidify the donation of more than 80 acres of forest land to the upper-tier.

County council, at its December 21 meeting, green-lit a process that will see the County accept stewardship of 84 acres of forest that is currently owned by Dr. John Macaulay. The forest, located on Robertson Road near Martintown, has been in Dr. Macaulay’s family for 50 years.

A site visit by the County’s contracted forester (South Nation Conservation) has confirmed that this property has been well managed, consists of predominantly upland tolerant hardwoods, has significant natural features and would ultimately make a wonderful addition to the County’s existing forest.

“This is an incredibly generous and heartfelt donation from Dr. Macaulay and we thank he and his family,” said Benjamin deHaan, County director of planning and transportation.
Given that this property is proposed to be donated to the County under the Canada Ecological Gifts Program, the County would have very little financial obligation relative to the overall value of the donation.

Given its age and condition, the property could be easily incorporated into the County’s existing forest inventory and incorporated into sustainable management plans.



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