Community Food Share advocates for support to Playhouse campaign


Community Food Share, commonly referred to as the Food Bank, is usually asking for the public’s assistance by donating money or food to help feed the hungry in our communities. Now the tables are turned. One of the Community Food Share’s supporters needs some help, and the organization is asking its donors to consider helping Upper Canada Playhouse in their “get on with the show” fundraising campaign.

Over the years, the Playhouse has offered their venue for community events and have held food drives for Community Food Share. In fact, artistic director Donnie Bowes has been a dedicated volunteer at our Morrisburg location for close to ten years.

The Playhouse has been dark for well over a year and with little or no government funding, they are hurting financially. It’s up to our community to help. Community Food Share is asking its supporters to consider making a donation so that this vital part of South Dundas can continue to provide world-class entertainment when life is allowed to return to “normal”.

Please click on the Playhouse link: to view their video & donation information. Or call 613-543-3713/1-877-550-3650 to support the campaign


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