Celebrating National Physician Appreciation Day

Meet Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde
Doctor Jones-Delcorde

As we celebrate National Physician Appreciation Day, we want to thank WDMH physicians for their expert knowledge and ongoing commitment to the patients we serve. Our doctors are leaders at WDMH and in local communities – particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is hard to pick just one, but today we are shining a light on Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde. He has worked as an attending physician at WDMH since 2018, and brings special expertise to the Emergency Department. Dr. Jones-Delcorde’s is a former City of Ottawa lifeguard and says his time on the pool deck helped shape his medical career. “It was my first experience helping sick and injured people. I pursued medicine because I wanted to continue to help people. Work in the ER requires a lot of quick thinking, and life-guarding taught me how to stay calm and focused under pressure.”

After completing his medical degree, as well as residencies in family medicine and emergency medicine, Dr. Jones-Delcorde did a year-long fellowship in point-of-care ultrasound.

He says he chose WDMH for three reasons. “I like the rural community hospital feel. It’s quite different from larger, city hospitals. I also like the role that family physicians play at WDMH, and I wanted that type of experience. And I love the teaching that happens at WDMH. It elevates everyone’s quality of care and keeps us on our toes.”

In the Emergency Department, the recent arrival of a new ultrasound machine takes Dr. Jones-Delcorde’s skills to a new level. “It’s the best I’ve seen – a Cadillac,” he says. “It produces images that are much clearer and more detailed, resulting in faster diagnosis. For example, when a patient in the ER is critically ill, we can see the cause such as a collapsed lung or a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Or I can use the machine to find gallstones, kidney stones, or blood clots. From there, our colleagues in radiology and cardiology can do further investigation.”

Dr. Jones-Delcorde is just one of the many skilled physicians working in the WDMH Emergency Department. “We have an amazing team with a lot of expertise,” he sums up. “If you are ill and need help, we are here. Stringent precautions are in place to keep everyone safe.”

If you would like to provide comments or suggestions about hospital services, please contact Cholly Boland, President and CEO, Winchester District Memorial Hospital at 613-774-1049 or by email at [email protected].


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