Canada Day celebration draws large crowd

Local children Amelia, Jackson, Tyler, Blake, and Jacob enjoying the Canada Day celebrations at the South Mountain Fairgrounds

North Dundas held its annual Canada Day celebration in South Mountain on July 1, with the event drawing a large crowd of people from all over the Township and beyond. The event was held at the fairgrounds, featuring live music in a large tent, refreshments including snacks, drinks, and alcohol, and inflatable attractions for the kids. Event-goers both young and old enjoyed the evening, and the chance to celebrate Canada’s 155th birthday.

Many of the adults in attendance at the celebration took advantage of the opportunity to sit in the tent and relax while enjoying the musical entertainment. Some of the live music was provided by Ambush, a popular cover band known for playing at many area events. When not playing on the bouncy castles, the kids could enjoy entertainment from Little Ray’s Reptiles, Vanderland’s Petting Zoo, a North Dundas Fire Department display, and more. The annual Knights of Columbus BBQ Chicken Dinner was also offered, and the Mountain Township & District Lions Club was instrumental in organizing much of the event.

As activities and inflatables wrapped up for the evening, parents caught up on their socializing and outdoor relaxation while many local kids made their own fun. Two local children had a table set up, and were tasked with handing out a small Canada flag to anyone who asked for one, or to those who seemed to be in need of a little patriotic spirit. One boy made a game out of collecting as many flags as possible, pleading and bargaining with other children to hand theirs over.

Later in the evening, a large group of children of all ages, many of whom had never met each other, organized a soccer game out of what seemed to be thin air. The clean game of friendly sport lasted until sunset. At about 10 pm, the North Dundas Fire Department signaled the beginning of the much-anticipated fireworks display. The fairgrounds lights were switched off in unison just as the first fireworks were launched, creating a brilliant view. The display helped to show why South Mountain was a great location for the event – the crowd remained at a safe distance in the fenced in area, with a perfect view of the fireworks at the northeast corner of the property. The crowd could be heard vocalizing their awe with the show, which lasted about 20 minutes. Cheers and applause erupted when the firetruck horns signaled the end of the show.

This year’s Canada Day celebration was enjoyed by many, and was a great taste of post-pandemic life. Thousands of residents are surely looking forward to what next year has to offer!


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