Blades of Glory Dundas Dairy club


submitted by Felicity Porteous

The second meeting of the Blades of Glory Dundas Dairy club was held on May 24 at Ayrporte farms. We started off the meeting with the 4-H pledge and roll call. We had our secretary go over the minutes from our last meeting and then had our leaders cover some new business. Next, our leader Tracy did a presentation about how to judge cows, in order to prepare us for our upcoming judging night which was to be held on July 8. Then, we split up into two groups, experienced members and members just starting to learn. The experienced members judged a class of soybeans and shelled corn and also went over how to tie a halter properly. The other group went over how to judge a class of Jersey senior calf heifers with our leader, Lee, and gave reasons for the class. Both groups then switched stations. Once we finished with the stations, all members gathered to judge a class of 2-year-old Jersey cows and give reasons for the class. Members learned lots of new things and we had fun. The meeting was then adjourned by our president, and we all enjoyed cookies and drinks. 


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