Blades of Glory 4-H Dairy Club


by Felicity Porteous

The first meeting of the Blades of Glory Dairy club was held on May 3 at Ayrporte farms. Our leaders for this year’s club include Andreas Jampen, Ian and Tracy Porteous, and Lee Brien. We started our meeting with the 4-H pledge and roll call. Next, we played a game where we got to know each other. With many new members in our club this year it was great to get to know everyone.

After the game, we judged a class of men’s hockey gloves and our leader, Lee, gave the officials. Next up, we had our youth leader, Cassidy Porteous, teach us things to look for when choosing our 4-H calf. Then, we held elections for our club executives.

The results were, Cassidy Porteous as our President, Bruce Porteous as our Vice President, Alexandra Bloderer as our Secretary, and Felicity Porteous as our Press reporter. Cassidy Porteous is our Youth Leader. After our election of executives, we went over some business for the club. Then, our new President, Cassidy Porteous, adjourned the meeting, and everyone got to enjoy cookies and drinks. Our next meeting will be held at the end of May.  



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