A Bunch of People thanks North Dundas


submitted by Amanda Burger

A Bunch of People Arts and Events (AboP) got a chance to thank North Dundas township and residents last Saturday for their strong support. ABoP provides fun and artistic things to do in SD&G and gives all their profit to a local charity, House of Lazarus. Pretty much all their events happen in North Dundas and last Saturday, August 13, they got to show their appreciation.

The President of A Bunch of People Arts and Events was personally able to procure the framed poster for North Dundas from the “Home Sweet Home” poster series created by Perch magazine and Urroz, both out of Cornwall. The poster art series showcases the beauty across our region and focuses on iconic scenes from Akwesasne, Cornwall, and each township within SDG. Available at 8.5 x 11 inches, the “Home Sweet Home” series also printed one poster of each scene measuring 36″ x 48″, which were auctioned off. The money received from the auction and daily sales of the posters goes to United Way/Centraide of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry.

ABoP’s annual Car Rally/Scavenger Hunt, which started and ended at the North Dundas Business Centre this past Saturday, was the perfect time to present the large North Dundas poster to Mayor Tony Fraser in thanks to North Dundas residents and township for their support of ABoP and the arts and fun!

What is better than having a good time? Knowing the money you spent goes to charity!


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